Reviews Recital Bolanden (March 2020) [ Read the full review here ] „Und sehr schnell wird klar, dass hier eine vollkommene Einheit zweier Seelen musiziert, von […]

Concerto for two pianos and orchestra by Mathias Christian Kosel

Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra by Mathias Christian Kosel German composer and pianist Mathias Christian Kosel wrote a Concerto for two pianos and orchestra which […]

Tour California 2022

Tour California 2022   Clara and Marie returned from a successful trip to the USA in May 2022. In their performances in Sacramento, Encinitas, San Francisco […]

SWR Portrait on Clara and Marie

Zwillinge auch am Klavier- unzertrennliches Duo Get an insight into the SWR film crew’s visit to the twins in their hometown. Short TV portrait available in […]

Dresdner Musikfestspiele with the Labèque sisters

Dresdner Musikfestspiele 2022 Clara & Marie were honored to perform at Dresdner Musikfestspiele in a concert with Katia & Marielle Labèque at Festspielhaus Hellerau. The French […]

Clara and Marie in BBC Music Magazine (June 2020)

BBC Music Magazine (June Edition 2020) Following the invitation of pianist and artistic director Beatrice Rana, Clara and Marie gave a recital at the third edition […]

Clara and Marie @ Radio France

Carrefour de Lodéon (Podcast on Radio France) 15 December 2016 Katia, Marielle and friends:   Semyon Bychkov, Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Barbara Hannigan, Isabelle et Florence Lafitte, Silas […]

Chamber Music Series „MUSIKEN“

New Chamber Music series MUSIKEN Since beginning of the year Clara and Marie commit themselves to the new chamber music concert series “Musiken”. Together with Dr. […]

O. Messiaen: Visions de l’Amen

Visions de l’Amen at ROK Festival  On November 7th 2020 Clara and Marie gave a successful recital at Festival Neue Musik Rockenhausen. Their performance of Olivier […]


VENERATION - Project Messiaen Olivier Messiaen is doubtless one of the most important composers of the 20th century. Moreover he understood himself as ornithologist and rhythmist […]

Recital New York City

Recital New York City In september 2019 Clara and Marie followed the invitation of Babette Hierholzer  (pianist and artistic director of the German Forum New York) […]

Recitals September 2020 ISCHIA (IT)

Recitals September 2020 – ISCHIA (IT) Clara and Marie have been invited to play two recitals by the prestigious foundation William Walton, Ischia (Italy). The sisters […]

Recent Interviews – Recitals March 2020

Recent Interviews / Recitals March 2020 On the occasion of their upcoming recitals in March, Clara and Marie had been interviewed by Thomas Behnke (Rheinpfalz) and […]

200 years- Bach / Stravinsky

200 YEARS - Bach / Stravinsky 200 years  is a project that shows two compositions written during completely different periods in time. It builds a bridge […]


DEBUSSY / POULENC / MCPHEE ©Rudolf Gilch Since the end of the 19th century, many composers have been inspired and fascinated by Balinese Gamelan music. Debussy, […]


Double Concertos by Mozart and Poulenc   with: Uwe Krause (conductor), Kammerphilharmonie Bad Nauheim     where: Jugendstil Theater Bad Nauheim     when: 16.09.2018, 16:30h     […]